Drone FAQs

Without a doubt, everyone has questions when it comes to drones. Even if you've used one in your productions, or even taken control of one, there are still questions which will come to mind.

These are some of the common drone questions we receive. If there's anything you need answering, please get in contact.

How High & How Far?
The ceiling altitude of most drones is actually around 14,000 - 18,000ft, with a range of a few miles! There are however laws which we all must abide by. 400ft is our maximum altitude and 500 metres from the pilot are the limits set by the CAA.
Are you insured?
CloudVisual holds drone specific insurance with an industry leading cover of £10m Public Liability and indemnity. These can be vastly increased on specific projects, should clients require greater Public Liability cover and protection.
How long can you fly for?
Depending on the payload, the flight times can range from ten minutes to half an hour. Typically the larger drones will have a shorter flight time, of ten to fifteen minutes. The weather, altitude and type of flying will affect this number substantially.
What can your drones carry?
The S900 Class Hexacopter can carry a payload of up to 12kgs, so most camera systems can be lifted. Other surveying equipment and scanners can also be attached.
Can you fly your drones in London?
Flying a drone in London is not something we often undertake. The London airspace is one of the busiest in the world and we need to apply for special permissions to complete projects in this airspace.
Why use CloudVisual?
We have been established for over eight years and bring a wealth of experience along with us. We're a team of filmakers and photographers who understand that it takes so much more than flying a drone to capture that amazing shot.
Which cameras do your drones carry?
The Inspire 2 carries a DJI X5s an industry leading drone camera, capable of filming up to 5.2K RAW and is comparable to the Arri Alexa. Our smaller drones each carry 4K stabilised cameras.
Why do you fly the Inspire 2 drone?
The DJI Inspire 2 might not compare in size to an S1000 drone, but it packs more technology and the best camera available on the market combined with unrivalled performance and reliability.
What are your Rates?
Our rate is £1100 per day. Although most projects are achievable under our half day rate of £650. We also cater for smaller projects, which have fixed prices starting from £249.
What's a Drone Camera Operator?
A lot of people don't realise that it actually takes two people to correctly operate a drone. The pilot deals with where the drone flies and the camera operator controls the camera gimbal. This makes sure the shot is steady and smooth. Need a camera operator for your business? Use one of ours.
Can you fly drones indoors?
Yes! Flying indoors is not a problem. In fact, flying indoors means that a number of laws do not apply, as the drone may no longer be flying within controlled airspace. Extra safety measures do need to be taken though!
Why so much paperwork?
It's not all as fun as it looks when you've got piles of paperwork, but it's an absolute necessity. Record keeping, preflight planning, flight logging and safety checks are all critical to making sure we are working as safely as possible.