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Adding aerial filming and photography services to your company is straightforward when you use our White Label service, which gives your business instant access to an industry-leading drone company with years of experience in almost every sector imaginable. Our team will wear your branding, operate on behalf of your business and ensure that your company values are upheld to the highest standards.

Our White Label Service

As an industry veteran, CloudVisual has provided aerial filming and photography on everything from film sets to precision surveying projects, delivering accurate and immersive aerial photographic services in some of the most demanding circumstances.

We bring this CAA Certified service to your business as a white label product, seamlessly integrating a highly skilled and trusted drone team to your business at a competitive rate, flying the best available drone and camera technology available.

Trusted Industry Experts

Seamless Integration

Using our extensive experience working white label projects, our team of drone and camera operators will integrate into your business in minimal time. Your business is able to deliver CAA Operational Authorisation and OSC certified services throughout the UK and overseas.

We work with you to price individual projects or long term agreements to ensure that your margins remain consistent.

Film and Photography Experts


Our commitment to the safety of the public, clients and their customers is always our number one priority. Our 100% safety record will ensure that you can trust our team to deliver a safe and reliable aerial filming service, which is bolstered by our £10m Public Liability insurance.

Our White Label Experience

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+Completed Projects
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Delivering to your Business Standards

We take the time to understand your business and the values that it upholds. You can trust that our team will represent your business to the highest standards and be trusted to deliver a consistent service in line with your business values to your clients.

From your first call, we will develop a plan to integrate a fully fledged, CAA Certified drone business into your company which can be relied on, night and day, 365 days a year.

Flying Industry Leading Cameras and Drones

Our Commitment

CloudVisual prides itself on delivering an industry-leading aerial filming and photography service with a team of passionate professionals with decades of experience flying drones commercially. We promise to ensure that we deliver this fantastic service on behalf of companies which haven't established a drone team or don't feel ready to take on the commitment.

White Label Services by CloudVisual

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