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Putting the super high resolution drone cameras to task and utilising their precise GPS abilities, our drones can accurately survey terrain down to millimetre accuracy. This data can be used by surveyors for groundworks cut and fill, or pile volumetric measurements.
  • close up aerial view of a surveying drone in flight

Accurate Results From Far Away

Working closely with your surveyors, we can survey vast areas of terrain with fast and incredibly accurate results down to 10mm. Unlike traditional surveying, we can deliver hundreds of thousands of milimetre-accurate measurement points across a site within 72 hours. Our aerial surveys reduce human risk on busy construction sites and ensure that there is minimal interruption to groundworks.

Volumetric Surveys Made Simple

Delivering Reliable Aerial Results, Fast and Efficiently

Drones don't get tired or make careless mistakes or forget details. All the surveying information is recorded RAW and kept safe whilst the drone contines to survey vast areas with only quick battery changes every 30 minutes. The autonomous systems pick up from where they left off and images hold all the key metadata including precise GPS location and altitude.

Thousands of Accurate Points to Measure Your Project

  • drone survey with dwg point cloud output

Results Delivered in Data You Understand

We work with surveyors to ensure that the drone data they receive is compatible with their systems. We don't ask you to adopt new practices or purchase expensive software, we deliver data that your surveying tools can understand, interpret and measure.

Aerial Drone Surveying By CloudVisual

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