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CloudVisual CAA Licence for Commercial Drone Operations

To fly a drone or unmanned aircraft of any weight classification in UK airspace for commercial purposes, all drone operators must hold an 'Operational Authorisation', formerly known as a 'Permission for Commercial Operations' - PFCO or the newly announced 'General Visual Line of Sight Certificate' - GVC.

In addition to this, commercial drone operators are required to complete the 'A2 Certificate of Competency' - A2 CofC, to abide by the newly announced changes to drone weight class regulations in 2021.

All of the above are commercial authorisations issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and it outlines what drone flights and operations each commercial operator can legally carry out, in accordance with their Operations Manual.

Operational Authorisation

A2 Certificate of Competency

When employing or hiring the services of a drone operator, it is critical that you check that they are registered and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority. This is more than just a piece of paper; This document proves that the pilot has undergone the necessary examinations RPQ-s or BNUCs (written and practical exams) along with a comprehensive operations manual, which meets the CAA standards and outlines what work the drone operator can legally undertake and their flight limits.

Using a drone company which doesn't hold an Operational Authorisation can be dangerous, ultimately threatening the safety of your production. CloudVisual provides the assurance that our drone operations are legal, safe and insured to the highest standards.