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About Us

We are a team of industry professionals with years of film and photography experience, working in the most challenging and demanding environments using industry-leading drone and camera technology.

Certified to fly drones in UK Airspace by the Civil Aviation Authority

From The Beginning

We are there to help you plan, prepare and safely integrate drones into your production or project by providing expert knowledge from a team with years of experience in creating award winning aerial film and photography. From your first phone call to final delivery, we will ensure that you are able to maximise the potential of our drones for your next film, photoshoot or survey. Our commitment to delivering industry leading aerial services is what makes CloudVisual stand out from the competition.

World-Class Cameras & Drones

Our drones are built using the world's most trusted equipment and industry-leading onboard intelligent flight controllers. Clients have a wide choice of cameras and technologies at their disposal. Filming up to CinemaDNG 5.2K RAW and 21MP RAW photos. The drones can also be used for Live TV, with a HD link and extremely low latency. The drones can remain airborne for up to thirty minutes and we always carry enough batteries to fulfil the aerial task, combined with rapid drone charging facilities.

Safety, Certification & Planning

We strive to be as safe as possible and this is achieved through our thorough preparation and safety procedures. Each drone is meticulously constructed on site and thorough pre-flight checks take place. We adhere to strict method statements, which are tailored to each individual task. CloudVisual is covered to £10m Public Liability and Indemnity and hold the CAA Permission for Commercial Operations, PFCO; a legal requirement for commercially flying drones in UK Airspace.



CloudVisual has worked for over eight years delivering the highest possible standards in the film, TV, advertising and surveying Industries. With a maximum take off weight of 18Kg, lifting up to 11Kg of cameras or equipment, our largest drone can carry almost any camera or surveying tool.

Based in Hertfordshire, our office is perfectly positioned to serve London, the UK and Europe. Available 24 hours a day and certified to fly drones at night.

The drone industry is ever-evolving and the ease and affordability of hiring a drone is opening up unique industries and ideas to film, photograph and survey. We have selected a number of key industries we specialise in delivering drone services:


Expert knowledge working with leading production companies and directors to create captivating TV shows, adverts, dramas and documentaries. Our versatile drones can capture stunning aerial views, GV, B roll, live broadcast or complex scenes to cater for every type of television programme.

Film Production

Add big budget aerial shots by hiring our cinema-grade drone cameras for your next film production. Jaw dropping establishing shots and intricate chase scenes are now within budget. With a live feed to ground and in-air playback, Directors can quickly assess aerial takes, saving time and maximising on set efficiency.

360 Photospheres

Create captivating virtual tours exploring your event, stadium or entertainment space from a whole new perspective using 360 Photospheres captured by drone. Millions of people use 360 photos to explore new and unseen areas. The 360 photos we create allow your audience can get the best possible view.

Estate & Land Agencies

Enhance property listings from a whole new perspective for potential buyers of large properties and land. Using high resolution imagery and 4K film, our drones can take buyers on a unique tour of their next purchase.

Construction Management

By deploying a number of different drones capable of photographing, filming and surveying construction projects to provide one-off or periodical updates, we can deliver accurate and timely aerial data to efficiently update project management teams.

3D Photogrammetry

Using intelligent autopilot systems, drones can map, survey and produce easy to view millimetre accurate 3D models. Aerial photogrammetry can quickly and precisely scan and collate crucial structural, cut & fill information for architects and surveyors.

Travel Documentaries

Boost your next documentary, travel show or overseas shoot with a drone company which has travelled the world and has proven experience flying drones in the most challenging countries and environments to capture your perfect photo or video.

Yachts, Ships & Boats

Super yachts to sailing races, we can film your event or assist with marketing and sale of your vessel. Our experienced team have worked with every type of ship and will work closely with your crew to capture your event or boat and showcase it from the air.

Night Filming & Photography

Certified to fly drones at night, we offer the best airborne camera technology to capture even the darkest of scenes. Using large sensor cameras, exceptional lenses and RAW imagery, our drones can be used in extremely low light environments.

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Certified to Fly Drones at Night

Years of experience, an unrivalled safety record and hundreds of night time drone flying hours logged, we are certified by the CAA to fly drones 24 hours a day


We have a team of passionate and experienced people to handle your complex and challenging drone projects. Each member of our staff is carefully selected to ensure maximum quality in service delivery.
will harford drone pilot

Hi I'm Will

Director and Owner of CloudVisual

Will Harford
Drone Pilot
After founding CloudVisual in 2013, Will went on to become one of the first CAA commercially certified drone operators in the UK. Having previously worked in film and photography, his experience behind the camera ensured that CloudVisual could offer expert service and experience from the outset.
drone camera operator

Hi I'm Amy

Drone Camera Operator

Amy Allott
Camera Operator
Amy is a Camera Operator here at CloudVisual and has worked on some of our most challenging aerial filming projects. Her expertise comes from studying film and photography, combined with her natural ability to control gimbals. Never a boring time on set with Amy as she knows how to put a smile on clients’ faces.
drone camera operator

Hi I'm Louis

Drone Camera Operator

Louis Longshaw
Camera Operator
Louis’ experience studying photography meant that he was a perfect match for the CloudVisual aerial filming team. He’s worked tirelessly on tv and film productions at the controls of the drone gimbal, putting his photography skills to use whilst delivering the best possible service to our clients.
drone pilot at controls

Hi I'm Ed

Drone Pilot and CloudVisual Australia Director

Ed Regan
Drone Pilot
CloudVisual Australia started in 2015 when Ed took on the opportunity to expand the brand and open our first overseas office. A CASA Certified drone operator and instructor, Ed has worked on a variety of film and TV productions and specialises in utilising drones for construction surveying and mapping.

We're Global

With offices spanning the world, CloudVisual is perfectly positioned to offer a global network of qualified drone operators

Get in Touch

Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, our office is located 25 miles North of London. Come and see us! We aren't just a drone company; we offer years of experience, expertise, know-how and consultancy services, and can offer a wide range of pricing options which includes flexible rates for multi drone flight projects.

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