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Stadium Aerial Filming and Photography

We create awe inspiring videos and imagery that captivate fans and drive passion in the sport. Our drones can film and photograph stadiums for events, interactive tours, new signings, announcements or press releases.

We Film Productions That Make A BIG Impact

Combining our aerial filming work with a top production team, CloudVisual ensures that your club's next big announcement is a huge success with your fans. By working with your corporate and marketing teams, we can showcase your stadium and enthral supporters with your message or big news.

We've Photographed The Famous

360 Virtual Panoramic Tours

Take your supporters on an exclusive tour of your sports stadium using our aerial 360 tours. These interactive panoramic views will fly supporters around typically inaccessible areas of your stadium, offering them a unique view and keeping them feeling part of the team from anywhere in the world.
Millions of people use 360 photospheres every day, and this unique perspective draws extra interest thanks to the elevating aerial experience your supporters are taken on.

Stadium Surveying

Drones are capable of inspecting hard to reach areas of stadiums, providing maintenance teams with clear and sharp imagery of the gantries, lighting systems and supports in a safe and efficient manner. Our drones ensure that there is no unnecessary risk put to human life by removing the need to climb and perform a visual inspection, thus eliminating working at height risks when using a dedicated climbing team.

Aerial surveys can be used to assess for rusting, loose bolts or damaged roof panels with a live view to the ground for immediate results.

Sports Stadium Aerial Film and Photography by CloudVisual

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