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Unique Custom Drone Builds for Unusual Projects

We've been in the industry long enough to say that when we started, drones didn't come pre-constructed or something you can just order online. They were built from the frame up to a complete filming platform, which seems to be long forgotten about these days.
We still cater for custom and unusual drone projects, where our expertise and experience ensures that whatever you need to with a custom drone, we can deliver results in the safest possible way.

Why Go Custom?

Sometimes certain projects require custom builds; Promotional, Advertising & Marketing. We've made pigs (made of paper!) fly, used drones as target practice, hung banners and developed flying models. Off the shelf drones are often too expensive to risk or just can't carry the payload, so we work with your art team to create a drone which can achieve the end goal.

Fast Turnaround

Once a project has been agreed we're usually able to have a concept drone flying within 12 hours of receiving the parts. Our drones will always be built with safety in mind, ensuring that the public and team are always kept as safe as possible, no matter how absurd your ideas are.

Custom Drone Builds & Concepts by CloudVisual

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