Will Harford

In 2013, Will threw away his desk job and decided to take a risk at the newly emerging drone industry.

CloudVisual Director and Drone Pilot

qualified drone pilot

Will - DJI S800


Will previously worked in the Financial Services sector, trading ForEX, Equities and CFDs. As an amateur photographer and filmmaker in his spare time, the film and photography industry was always appealing, but finding the right niche in such a crowded space made it too difficult to risk a new venture.

By chance, Will found himself in conversation with someone about photography and they talked about having a drone operator on their building site and how they felt it was going to be the next big thing. It turned out to be a worthwhile tip!

As drones weren't an 'off the shelf' product back then, they had to be built from scratch. Airframe, flight controller, motors and ESCs all needed to be manually installed, as well as a crude means of stabilising and controlling the camera. The building of drones helped Will gain a true understanding of how to properly fly, program and construct a drone, as well as allowing him to experiment with different types of airframes and system designs (plus a few crashes!).

The first commercial platform flown and certified by the CAA was the DJI S800 carrying a Sony NEX-7 and the first job landed was a big one for BT Sport at Twickenham. This job helped cement us in the industry and it wasn't long until CloudVisual was called up for big budget Netflix productions, TV work and adverts.

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