CloudVisual is a team formed of experts in their industry. We don't just fly drones, we're professional photographers and videographers. Each new recruit is carefully selected to ensure maximum quality in the area they work in.

Will Harford

Drone Pilot

"Will is the Director of CloudVisual and oversees the Group Operations. Starting CloudVisual in 2013 out of a hobby, the company quickly grew to be a market-leading drone company. Will's twenty years experience of cameras and photography has meant that CloudVisual could deliver on the most challenging of aerial filming projects."

drone Camera Operator

Amy Allott

Camera Operator

"Amy's photography education combined with her passion for filmmaking made her the perfect choice to join the team in 2017. Amy's already worked on some of our most challenging projects to date and set herself as an asset to the company from the start."

Ed Regan

Drone Pilot

"Ed is the director of CloudVisual Australia and is a CASA Certified instructor. He specialises in technical drone projects and is focusing on growing the drone industry in Australia. Using fixed wing and multirotors, he's using custom built models to scan, analyse and collect data for huge agricultural and construction projects."

Louis Longshaw

Camera Operator

"Louis is a portrait and urban photographer and he brought his wealth of experience to the CloudVisual team in early 2017. He has been hand picked for the team thanks to his impressive portfolio and excellent technical skills, combined with his photography education."

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