Our work covers a broad range of industries and we try to price our work to suit each sector. Our prices reflect the amount of work we would expect to undertake for each industry and also cover the cost of the camera operator for the day.

Discounts are available to those who are looking to film different locations across a number of days. Our day rate is £1100, but depending on the type of work you require, we are happy to discuss a rate which suits the amount of filming you require. Almost all projects meet the requirements for a half day rate, which is £650.

Our Major Industries

  • Filmmaker drones
  • UAVs in films
  • Estate Agency Drone
  • Estate Agency UAV
  • drones for filming
  • UAVs for filming
  • Drone Precision Farming
  • UAV Precision Farming
  • Drones for TV
  • UAVs for Television
  • Yacht filming
  • Yacht drone filming
  • drone traning
  • rpq-s training
  • drones for construction
  • UAVs for construction

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