Our work covers a broad range of industries and we try to price our work to suit each sector. Our prices reflect the amount of work we would expect to undertake for each industry and also cover the cost of the camera operator for the day.

Discounts are available to those who are looking to film different locations across a number of days. Our full day rate is £1100, but depending on the type of work you require, we are happy to discuss a rate which suits the amount of filming you require.

Our Major Industries

drone boat filming

On Set - "Burn Burn Burn" - Loch Lomond, Scotland

Film Sets

Directors and Producers can make a huge difference to their productions using our drones. They are rapidly deployable and can reach areas which helicopters can't.

Drones carrying the latest camera technology and lenses from 12-90mm give you a huge array of options for different shots and styles.

Cinema 5.2K RAW is now available!

High Definition Live links are streamed to the crew. The Director can know straight away if they've got the shot and it can save huge amounts of time and money.

Estate and Properties

Estate & Land Agents are now seeing the use of drones for aerial photography and filming as a critical part of their business. Static images, at a low level do not do any justice to properties, especially the larger estates.

Prices start at £249 per property.

We offer a package of three houses within close proximity to each other for £600. Single properties are charged at £249. We also offer a 'Pay on Exchange' service, which is charged at £449 per property. This is a higher cost, but this is a means of using our services at no cost until you have sold the property

Estate Agency Drone

"Stoneheaps" - Kimpton

drone tv filming

BT Sport - "Tennis Ball Ad" - Beachy Head, England

TV Broadcast

Producers and Directors can now have affordable aerial filming for their productions. Our drones are usually ready to fly within 45 minutes of arrival on site.

"Drone footage is fast becoming a standard requirement in productions"

We have worked with some very well known production companies and understand the demanding nature of making a stunning piece of work in a small amount of time.

TV Advertising

Make your TV adverts stand out from the crowd. People easily switch off and fail to pay attention to the ads, but there are a few which shine through and captivate audiences.

"Adverts need to catch the viewers attention quickly"

We can help make your adverts become the one which is talked about and leave your competition grounded.

tv advert Drone

Center Parcs - "Adventure"

drone yacht filming

"Unicode" - Cannes, France

Yachts & Boats

We can fly abroad! Get that action shot of your yacht or boat from the air for a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter crew.

Prices from £3500

Depending on the location, we can fly out to you within a week and film over two days, covering the action shots and the picturesque ones, as you moor up in bays and let us get the video of your yacht.

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