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Drone FAQs

Without a doubt, everyone has questions when it comes to drones. Even if you've used one in your productions, or taken control of your own drone, there are still questions which will come to mind.
These are some of the common drone questions we receive. If there's anything you need answering, please get in contact.
How High & How Far?
The ceiling altitude of most drones is actually around 14,000 - 18,000ft, with a range of a few miles! There are however laws which we all must abide by. 400ft is our maximum altitude and 500 metres from the pilot are the limits set by the CAA.
Are you insured?
CloudVisual holds drone specific insurance with an industry leading cover of £10m Public Liability and indemnity. These can be vastly increased on specific projects, should clients require greater Public Liability cover and protection.
How long can you fly for?
Depending on the payload, the flight times can range from 20 to 45 minutes. Typically the larger drones, carrying heavier cameras will have a shorter flight time. The weather, drone's altitude and type of flying can also substantially lower flight times.
What is an OSC?
An Operational Safety Case (OSC) is an authorisation granted by the CAA allowing certain drone companies special exemptions. Our exemption allows us to fly our enture fleet of drones within just 5 metres of uninvolved members of the public and structures.
Can you fly your drones in London?
In combination with our OSC, the right planning, preparation and site assessments we can fly drones in Central London. Extra clearances are often needed, but a lot of Greater London is drone friendly with very few restrictions.
Why use CloudVisual?
We have been established for over twelve years and bring a wealth of experience along with us. We're a team of filmmakers and photographers who understand that it takes so much more than flying a drone to capture that amazing aerial shot.
Which cameras do your drones carry?
The Inspire 2 drone carries a DJI X5s an industry leading drone camera, capable of filming up to 5.2K RAW and is comparable to the Arri Alexa. Our smaller drones each carry 4K stabilised cameras.
Can I apply to work at CloudVisual?
We're always on the lookout for new team members to help when we're on challenging jobs or dual operator shoots. Head over to our Careers Page to see if you've got the skills we're looking for!
What are your Rates?
Our day rate is £1100+VAT per day. Although most projects are achievable under our half day rate of £650+VAT. We also cater for smaller projects, which have fixed prices starting from £249+VAT.
What Drone Services Do You Offer?
Using our extensive fleet of drones we can cater to almost every task; Cinematography, photography, surveying, inspections, mapping, search & rescue, thermal, 3D mapping, 360 tours, FPV and custom drone builds.
What Payment Methods Are Available?
BACS is our primary payment method. We also believe that as much as drones are the future, so are Cryptocurrencies, so we offer clients the option to pay by Cryptocurrency in the following flavours; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin & HogeCoin. See below for more info
Can You Ever Fly Higher Than 400ft?
So long as the correct permissions and authorisations have been sought and the CAA and NATS approve a Non Standard Flight request, we can potentially fly up to 500M above the ground. These authorisations are not readily approved, so we do require at least 28 days notice to ensure that the authorisation can be approved by the authorities.
What's a Drone Camera Operator?
A lot of people don't realise that it actually takes two people to correctly operate a drone. The drone pilot controls exactly where the drone flies and the camera operator controls the camera gimbal. This makes sure the shot is steady and smooth by letting each team member focus on their specific aerial task. Need a camera operator for your business? Use one of ours.
Can you fly drones indoors?
Yes! Flying drones indoors is not a problem. In fact, flying indoors means that a number of laws do not apply, as the drone may no longer be flying within controlled airspace. Our drones carry sophisticated obstacle detection and avoidance systems when GPS isn't available, ensuring a steady and reliable shot.
What's involved prior to drone filming?
To ensure we maintain our 100% safety record, thorough planning and preparation takes place before each and every project. Risk assessments, method statements, drone maintenance and airspace checks all ensure that we are operating as safely as possible.

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