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The CloudVisual team has a wealth of experience filming yachts, ships and vessels using drones. From remotely filming using a RIB to working inconspicuously onboard, our expert knowledge and understanding of filming boats sets us apart from the competition.

Reinventing Boat Filming

Filming yachts, boats and ships from the air isn't a new concept, but historically it has been an expensive case of hiring a helicopter crew and hoping that they got the shot you were expecting.

We work directly with you and your director to deliver exactly to the brief using the best drone and camera systems available with long battery life and range.

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Offshore Experts


From the first instruction, we plan, prepare and understand the requirements for filming your boat from the air. We will establish a plan, decide on the most suitable drones and organise our schedule with the Captain and Director.

Hundreds of Sea Hours Logged


With hundreds of hours of offshore filming logged and countless takeoffs and landings from the most challenging of situations, we always put the safety of you, your crew and our team as a number one priority. CloudVisual holds top levels of insurance and unprecedented safety standards.

CloudVisual has operated in some of the most safety-intensive environments, working closely with Health and Safety teams to approve drone flights for offshore projects.

Proven Ship Experience

Yacht Races

The best race days require wind and our drones can handle gusty weather and sustained winds. Our team will work with your support RIB to film races from a safe distance using long lenses.

Enhance Your Documentary

Riverboat Cruises

Thorough planning and preparation means that our work has been proudly showcased by numerous riverboat cruise companies. Our experience working with captains to plan and prepare for the challenges filming these incredible vessels by drone with zero interruption is thanks to our extensive experience working around their strict schedules.

Offshore Filming Services by CloudVisual

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