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CloudVisual has flown drones in over 25 countries around the globe, delivering the best in documentary aerial filming in the most demanding environments. With in depth planning our licence to commercially operate drones isn't just limited to the UK.
Thanks to our investment in the best equipment, we are able to fly drones and batteries all around the world with zero restrictions.

Out of this World Scenery

Our planning and preparation for any overseas work ensures that we're ready to capture the best that your destination has to offer. Doing our own planning or in tandem with location managers, we ensure that we're up to speed on exactly what's in the area.

We've Crossed Bridges

Award Winning Aerial Photography

We bring our expertise with us and can ensure that you're getting award winning service from an industry leading drone team. Brands and influencers use CloudVisual thanks to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerial photography.

Having worked with some of the world's most respected Photographers and Directors, we understand the challenges which film crews are up against to get that perfect shot.

Fly or Drive?

With excellent connections to Europe via the EuroTunnel, our fully kitted 4x4 can reach almost any European destination within 48 hours.

On the road, we have no problem working remotely with no need to stop to recharge or offload footage. We've got a fully equipped vehicle with all the equipment and supplies to make sure that we can get from site to site as quickly as possible.

Seen the Sights

Working Off Grid

We know what it takes to work in the most demanding environments and our drones are capable of remaining in the air for as long as needed thanks to our off grid systems and vast supply of batteries.

You're Going To Love What We Can Achieve For You

CloudVisual offer years of travel and adventure photography and film experience. We have worked across all the continents to provide clients with beautiful aerial imagery from our market leading camera and drone systems.

Aerial Travel Photography by CloudVisual

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