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Using the best lenses on the market and incredibly stable drones, which are capable of capturing every bit of available light and recorded flawlessly in RAW formats. We can make the most of even the darkest of scenes with absolutely no noise or distortion.

Low Light Aerial Professionals

It takes years of experience to master low light film and photography and CloudVisual demonstrate this ability using drones.

We know what is needed to get the most stunning aerial shots at night using drones and have clocked hundreds of hours flying at night.

Night Flying Experts

Pin Sharp Results

Night photography usually involves a camera, tripod and keeping both as still as possible. We completely turn this concept around, taking beautiful long exposures using flying drones in near pitch darkness.

Drone Long Exposure Experts

Limitless Night Aerial Photography

Our fleet of drones can be flown in the most challenging situations to capture the best angles at night. Precision positioning ensures that the drones capture every aspect of the dark scene with no blurriness or artefacts.

CAA Certified To Fly Drones At Night

Mesmerising Cityscapes

City lights and long exposures are always a safe bet for photographers. The drones we use will give a whole new angle to this classic style.

Beautiful Skylines

The planning and preparation we put into each of our shots ensures that the client's expectations are always exceeded.

Aerial Night Filming Services by CloudVisual

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