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Commercially trained drone camera operators for hire

It doesn't feel very professional if you find yourself having to rely on poorly trained ad-hoc friends and family to help with your dual operator drone projects. Training people to control your drone camera can take weeks to just understand the basics and not something you want to leave to an amateur when you want to deliver a professional service.
CloudVisual has a team of highly skilled camera operators with years of aerial filming experience and each have studied photography, so their understanding of what you need to deliver to your client goes beyond just moving a camera.

So You Need A Camera Operator?

A Camera Operator is a critical part of any professional drone team and this is no amateur job. Your key shots are resting in the hands of whoever is at the controls and if you've entrusted this to a friend or relative with little to no experience you're going to potentially miss key shots or ruin a take.

Our team have worked in just about every drone environment, from film sets to night surveys. Each holds CSCS certification and a wealth of experience working in safety critical environments.

Professional Camera Operators For Hire

Team Effort

Your newly appointed camera operator has years of experience at the controls and can help you deliver those crucial shots. They will let you relax and worry about flying your drone to the best of your ability.

Our operators know how to frame subjects, track and chase, as well as being experienced in rescuing shots when you've not quite got your flying as planned.

Our Camera Operators' Experience

Each of our Camera Operators has extensive experience on the following drone platforms:

  • DJI Inspire 2
  • DJI Inspire 1
  • DJI S900
  • DJI M600
  • Rates

    From as little as £100 we can make sure that your drone project is handled by a qualified and competent camera operator who has years of experience.

    Drone Camera Operators for Hire

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