Utilising the super high resolution camera and precise hovering abilities, drones can carefully survey structures and objects for defects, avoiding any unnecessary requirements to put inspection crews in danger or working at heights.

Safely Getting Up Close

Combined with our years of experience, the drones we fly are equipped with precision obstacle avoidance. This means drones can be flown closer than ever to structures without risk of collision. The high resolution drone cameras can inspect at millimeter level accuracy to check for defects.

A Whole New Perspective On Surveying

Reducing Risk and Increasing Productivity

Drones don't get tired, make careless mistakes or forget details. All the surveying information is recorded RAW and kept safe whilst the drone contines to survey vast areas with only quick battery changes every 30 minutes. The autonomous systems pick up from where they left off and images hold all the key metadata including precise GPS location and altitude.

Safer Inspections Using Drones

Keeping Your Systems Running

Autonomous inspections can deliver fast and reliable data. Monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly updates are possible using predetermined flight paths which the drones can repeat over and over. The small and discreet drones can cover large areas to check for defects or damage.

Aerial Drone Surveying By CloudVisual

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