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Congested Area Drone Operations


CloudVisual has demonstrated to the Civil Aviation Authority, through evidence-based safety procedures and an unrivalled safety record, that the team is safe to fly drones at reduced distances from the uninvolved public.

The Operational Safety Case, OSC, is a specific category authorisation granted by the CAA which permits select drone operators to conduct activities not permitted under the standard terms of their licence. CloudVisual has proved that it can operate drones safely within closer proximity to the public and property than is usually permitted.

Our OSC permits the team to fly our entire fleet of drones within just 5 Metres of the uninvolved public, as well as buildings.

Flying In Congested Areas

Under the standard permissions granted to all commercial drone companies, a limit of 50M from uninvolved people and buildings is set in law. For operators under the standard GVC licence, this rules out all flying in congested areas.

By using our OSC and implementing the required safety procedures, we are able to reduce this down to just 5 metres and ensures operations within London and cities are in line with legislation.

Flying Where Others Can't

London & Cities

London is one of the most difficult and restrictive areas to fly a drone and the standard permissions that are granted by the CAA make it impossible for almost all drone operators to legally carry out their flights.

CloudVisual hold 'specific category' exemptions to allow for flying within built up areas that are not permitted for general drone operators. With our OSC we can work in some of the busiest areas of London, legally and with safety assurances in place.


CloudVisual are certified to overfly people and property that are not under their control down to 5M. We've proven that our planning, safety systems and drones meet and exceed what is required to overfly the public without putting them at risk.

Thanks to our strict training, adherence to policy and a robust safety plan in place, we can safely carry out our drone flights without endangering the public.

24/7 Congested Operations


Restrictions are imposed on how close a drone can fly to an open air event. Under standard CAA permissions, this is 150M, which is a long way from the action.

By carrying out the necessary safety checks and steps, CloudVisual are certified to reduce this distance down to just 50M, meaning that we can work close to stadiums on match day and events.


Thanks to our OSC we can fly closer to structures and buildings without requiring the permission of their owners. The standard permissions set out by the CAA involve a lot of pre-flight notifications to residents, which can often be close to impossible to achieve.

In restrictive areas we can legally fly closer to structures than almost all drone operators in the UK, without needing permission. With our OSC clearing us to 5M, CloudVisual can work closer and safer than the competition.