5 May 2017
  • s900 drone
  • It's renewal time and there are big changes this year for CloudVisual. For the first time in five years, we have not renewed our permission for commercial operations with the >7kg drone rating. We've proudly held on to this for for years now, but with the huge technical advances in the smaller drones, along with tighter restrictions on the heavier drones, it makes sense to leave the heavier category and focus on investing in the smaller and better aerial platforms.

    To show just how much the industry has moved on, the Phantom 4 Pro, which we've just taken delivery, is technically better than any of the large platforms we've ever flown before, for a fraction of the price. The only comparable drone was the DJI S900 carrying the Panasonic GH4, but even that camera had a lower bitrate, 30fps max frame rate and the drone itself could only reach 200 meters away before the video feed and/or the controller signal was lost.

    So here's the list of all the drones we've had and how we rate them from best to worst, based on overall satisfaction and quality of filming.

    1 - DJI Inspire 2 (X5s)

    2 - DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    3 - DJI Inspire 1 (X5)

    4 - DJI Phantom 4

    5 - DJI S900 (GH4)

    6 - DJI Mavic Pro

    7 - DJI S800 EVO (NEX7)

    8 - DJI S800 (NEX7)

    9 - DJI F550 (GoPro)

    Oh and there's no shying away from the fact we only fly DJI!