20 September 2018

It came to my attention in recent weeks that the drone content on my website was appearing on competitors’. This has been a real shock to me and something which I have had to swiftly deal with..

In total, thirty one, yes that’s double figure websites have been issued with copyright infringement warnings, letters have been posted and for the unfortunate few who failed to reply.

I dedicated a huge amount of time and passion to write every single page of this website and it astounds me that people cannot be bothered or lack the passion to write about their industry. A lot of the replies seemed to be that the copied text does little or no harm to our brand, but it is quite the opposite. Google SEO is affected by duplicate content, which can devalue web pages when the Google Bot sees webpages with similar or identical content. The next issue is that my words are being used on other websites with the aim of getting business. Any person viewing a site with my words are being influenced in their decision to book, hire or contact the drone operator.

This is a post to get my frustration off my chest, but also a warning to anyone else who thinks that this website is a free source of content to use on their website. My site has been written, top to bottom by me and I now have Google alerts to make me aware of any website which uses content I have written.

So for anyone who is reading this, with the intention of copying my text for your own website, don’t. If you want to work in this industry, then you can write your own content and talk about your drone industry with the care and passion I have.