4 January 2018
  • drones scotland
  • Day 1

    - Departing and the First Stopover

    I'm lucky enough to have the perfect car for exploring the world. The Defender 110 just got equipped with a roof rack and there was no hesitation in getting a solar panel connected and a pair of jerry cans. I couldn't quite afford a roof tent, so there's a bunk bed inside.

    I left on the Friday afternoon with the Lake District as my first stopover. There was no way I was going to make it to Scotland before midnight and I wanted to test the sleeping arrangements out before fully committing to it.

    There were a few bonus places I wanted to film at my first stop, so it seemed to make sense to use this area to get started. Arrived at half past midnight and found myself alone in a car park feeling a bit nervous. Brushed my teeth and managed to get comfy in the suspended bed (I'll go into more detail later about this)

    My alarm woke me up at 8am and it was still dark. The bed worked and I'd seemed to sleep through the night feeling refreshed. This was certainly a success, but the sounds of rain tapping on the roof made me realise that there wasn't going to be any drone flying in the LD, even though the forecast said it would be clear with a bit of wind. So I checked the weather in Scotland and headed for Loch Lomond, on the promise of better weather.

    Only by sheer luck that the Defender is TERRIBLE when it comes to fuel consumption, I pulled off the motorway at Gretna Green for fuel and a coffee. I was having a scan of landmarks and places to film and spotted a lesser-known viaduct only 45 minutes West of where I was. It had the dramatic scenery I was after and seemed to be tucked out the way. So back in the car and a quick diversion.

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