22 January 2017
moonrock drone insurance company

Last year I got an email from Simon Ritterband, who is the Director at Moonrock insurance. He put forward a good sales pitch and talked drone insurance with me. The timing was good and my current insurer was beginning to show weaknesses in their abilities to handle even the simplest of enquiries, not even those related to drones.

Long story short, I jumped ship on the promise of a better insurer, faster replies and a team who know exactly what they're talking about. Oh and my cover was a bit cheaper too! February sees our renewal and without a doubt we'll be sticking with Simon and his team. They have delivered on every promise made and ensured that my company remained compliant and able to work in the most challenging drone environments.

I honestly thought that I'd sign up and be forgotten about, but this assumption couldn't have been further from the truth. My emails have been answered immediately by people who actually understand the industry and what drone operators' requirements are.

A true testimonial of their efforts goes to the emails between Chris at Moonrock and an insurer for one of my new Clients. I was due on site for 9am, but the client's insurer pulled up some questions over my insurance. Quick as a flash, Chris was on the case and I was party to a back and forth insurance-lingo email late into the night (I learned some new words). There was absolutely no chance of me knowing what to say to their insurer, but Chris got everything sorted and to the client's liking and I was on site the next morning safe in the knowledge the client's insurer was satisfied.

So here's to another year with Moonrock Drone Insurance and a massive thanks to all the team!