8 September 2015

Michael Robbert Brans' Ben Nevis Challenge

This is Michael Robbert Brans,

In 1995, 98 and 2001 he had to face the disease, cancer. Examinations, treatments and revalidation have made him to who he is now. After twenty years of battling, he has finally been declared cured and now he can live and function independently. In July 2016 he will once again enter a battle by climbing the tallest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis.

As an extra challenge he will wear a crossXvest through the entire trip. Michaelrobbert will enter this battle to raise money for the studies on cancer, undertaken by the “Verbeeten Institute” and for the improvement of revalidation techniques by the “Revalidation Fund”.

Oh yes, And all of this he will do on just one leg…. If you want to know more, or if you want to support Michaelrobbert in his challenge, please visit his website.

CloudVisual are proudly sponsoring his challenge and we will hike a S900 and Inspire 1 to the top of Ben Nevis, to film his challenge and celebrate this monumental achievement.