21 March 2015

How to Fix Corrupt Video Files on the DJI Inspire 1

I spent a few hours pulling my hair out over why the final file from a series of videos had corrupted on the Inspire 1, after filming.

The clip was run through pretty much every single fixer, stitcher, repairer, restorer and VLC… None of these worked.

So I removed all the software programs and went back to the drawing board.

The answer was simple and easily fixed.

The final video when recording on the Inspire 1 will ‘corrupt’ if the camera is still recording when you turn the drone off. I’m no expert on how this works, but if anyone wants to correct me, I believe it’s the metadata not being finalised with the file size or relevant data to encase the video file and tell the player what it is and how to play the file.

How to fix!

With all your equipment turned off, insert the MicroSD card back into the Inspire 1 camera, with it connected to the body of the drone. Turn on your transmitter and screen, with it all properly connected. Power up the drone and you will hear the cease recording sound. This is the clip being closed and it will now play on your transmitter screen.

Turn off the equipment and access the SD card again and your file will work.