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Five European Aerial Photography Hidden Gems

Finding that perfect drone spot is difficult and sometimes the popular ones are overdone. It only takes a single Instagram post to go viral and the secret is out and the crowds begin to appear. Here’s five of our hidden gem locations in Europe for aerial filming using your drone:

1. Heart Shaped Lake, Germany

  • heart shaped lake aerial photo taken by a drone

Only visible from the air, this beautiful lake in Germany takes on an almost perfect heart shape with the church sat in the centre. Getting here isn’t too difficult and there’s a car park right next to the lake. Take a stroll around the lake though the winding path in the dense forest surrounding it.

How to find it

2. Lemmer Marina, Netherlands

  • Lemmer Marina in the Netherlands aerial photo taken by a drone
  • Lemmer Marina in the Netherlands aerial photo taken by a drone

You might think you’re stood in a marina, just like any other when you arrive at Lemmer. This marina holds a secret that is revealed from the air by drone. A geometric pattern appears when seen from a bird’s eye view, the cogs and wheels are reminiscent of an engine and the patterns are mesmerising.

How to find it

3. Lac Lioson, Switzerland

A beautiful lake in Switzerland photographed by drone

Nestled in the Swiss mountains, a small secluded lake with crystal clear (and really cold water) sits surrounded by lush forests and overlooked by towering mountains. To make things even better, it’s got a herd of cows which are extremely friendly and will demand attention from you. If you can get yourself away from petting the cattle and get your drone in the air, you’ll be able to photograph this beautiful mountain lake which few people know about.

4. Sao Vicente Clock Tower, Madeira (Portugal)

A clock tower atop a church surrounded by mountains in Madeira

When someone talks about Madeira it doesn’t usually come with a story of adventure, photography and landscapes. It’ll be about an old relative who went there on a bus tour. Don’t be fooled though, this Portuguese island in the Atlantic is a hidden gem in itself (I think it deserves a blog of its own come to think of it).

Think Jurassic Park… Skull Island… It’s the Hawaii of Europe and it’s got a lot to offer. Without doubt one of the most beautiful islands I’ve visited. Fortunately the stories of it being an island for “the newlyweds and nearly-dead” means that it’s not got that cool vibe and it gets overlooked.

It was hard to narrow down a favourite, but the clock tower is up there. Hidden in a valley, the clock tower/church stands proud amongst the awe inspiring mountain landscape.

How to find it

5. Flam Train Journey, Norway

A railway and train passing through a mountain pass

Nestled between the Norwegian Fjords, Flam has one of the steepest railway tracks which weaves through the Norwegian landscape and provides drone fliers the opportunity to chase the trains for miles through the mountains

With countless tunnels and unique railway layout offers a fantastic day of train spotting whilst your drone dives in and out of the trees and mountains

Oh and make sure you say hi to the friendly goats!

A photo of a goat

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