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  • 16 June 2016

    Started from the Bottom, Now We're.... Back?

    Well I never thought I'd be writing this, but times have changed and technologies have moved on....

    Back in 2012 I bought my first ever drone, learned how to build it and got all the lessons I needed on a small toy. Upgrades have always meant that the newer drone was bigger, with better lift capacity (except the Inspire 1). However I was set on the fact that the inspire would be too small to take on any big drone job, but I was wrong. The S900 heavy lifter started to get cobwebs and the Inspire was ruling the roost in terms of flexibility and technology

    Fast forward to 2016, we've been through the entire DJI range: F330, F450, F550, S800, S800 EVO, Inspire 1, S900, Phantom 4.

    Wait, what? The Phantom 4?

    That's right. We've 'upgraded' to the Phantom 4. The all-in-one systems have proven to be a winner, in providing safe and reliable flights, whilst keeping the variables to a minimum by using cameras and gimbals which come ready made for the smaller systems.

    The heavy lift +7KG drones have been superseded by the smaller ones, in terms of filming capability, flight times and the quality of video and data links. Simple deployment and lesser risk to people or property have all added to the decision making in going for the smaller drones.

    Many people will still ask us to fly the bigger drones, but check out our blog post on this matter, coming soon!