25 December 2018
  • christmas drone gatwick

After a record breaking year and no signs of slowing down, it was disappointing to see the disruption caused to Gatwick Airport by reckless members of the public. Their actions have further marred the drone industry and will ultimately lead to more laws restricting law abiding drone owners. The laws will do little to stop someone buying a drone and using it in this way again, especially if someone has the ability to build their own drones, which cannot be restricted.

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8 November 2018

Great scenes from the DJI sponsored WRC in Spain this year

20 September 2018
  • copyright website seo

Website Copyright

It came to my attention in recent weeks that the drone content on my website was appearing on competitors’. This has been a real shock to me and something which I have had to swiftly deal with.

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15 August 2018
  • stock footage

August brings a key milestone in our stock footage collection. Just two years in and the collection boasts a thousand aerial clips which are available to buy from all the major stock agencies.

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6 June 2018

The Ol' One Take

Here's a challenge. Shoot a dynamic ten minute drone film, with no cuts and no mistakes. Paul Trillo did and it's a masterpiece

6 April 2018

Check these drone timelapse shots!

We're a big fan of timelapses and this video from Visual Suspect doesn't disappoint.

1 February 2018

CloudVisual 2018 Showreel

Another great year for CloudVisual and a huge thanks to all our clients. Check out the video for the last twelve months and we can't wait to see where we get to film this year.

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22 January 2018
  • Moonrock Drone Cover

Moonrock Drone Insurance

Last year I got an email from Simon Ritterband, who is the Director at Moonrock insurance. He put forward a good sales pitch and talked drone insurance with me. The timing was good and my current insurer was beginning to show weaknesses in their abilities to handle even the simplest of enquiries, not even those related to drones...

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7 January 2018
  • drone company scotland

I'm lucky enough to have the perfect car for exploring the world. The Defender 110 just got equipped with a roof rack and there was no hesitation in getting a solar panel connected and a pair of jerry cans. I couldn't quite afford a roof tent, so there's a bunk bed inside.

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3 January 2018
  • drone scotland

We're fresh into 2018 and there's already loads on the horizon.

We've teamed up with the stock footage agency, OverflightStock.com, on a tour to film the landscapes and beauty of Scotland. The three week trip will cover thousands of miles to capture hundreds of clips for use as stock footage...

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