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Drone Terms & Conditions

Each commercial drone flight we make is in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority's laws. To ensure that we comply with these laws, and moreover to ensure the safety of the public and our clients, we enforce our company terms and conditions which are applicable to each and every flight.

No drone flight will take place without adequate pre-preparation, project information and the necessary airspace checks prior to commencement. Planning and preparation is key to a safe and professional drone operation.
CloudVisual cannot be held liable for sudden changes in the weather. We advise all clients to choose at least two separate aerial filming dates a week apart to ensure that the weather is suitable for their project.
Unless authorised by the CAA, we will not under any circumstances fly above 400ft (Above Ground Level) or outside of a 500m radius of the drone Pilot. Clients requesting altitudes or distances greater than these must allow 28 days for applications to the CAA to be approved.
Operations Manual
Our Commercial Operational Authorisation is held in accordance with an agreed Operations Manual. We cannot legally work against anything set out in this manual. The pilot will inform the client if anything is likely to breach these rules.
Final Decision
If at any time the Pilot in Command feels that the drone flight will risk injury to persons or property, or that the demands of the client are unreasonable, the drone flight will not go ahead. A full explanation for this decision will be given at the time and we will work with you to help achieve your goal in a safe manner.
Airspace Restrictions
Our drones are subject to the same rules and regulations as any other air users and therefore some aerial filming may fall into restricted airspace which requires further permissions from the CAA. The CAA advise at least 28 days notice for any requests and we will do our best to get these approved for our clients. However we cannot be held liable if the amount of time to get approval is under 28 days.
Image & Video Rights
All footage collected is for the sole use of the client and is non-transferrable. CloudVisual retains the right to use your footage for marketing, promotion and stock footage. All clients hold the right to refuse their media from being used as marketing or stock footage, but it must be put in writing to us prior to filming/photographing.
Flight Planning & Locations
We will calculate the amount of filming required for each project. Multi site flights must be confirmed and agreed upon. Any additional sites which were not agreed, will incur extra charges. However we cannot guarantee we will have enough batteries if we are not informed of all the sites during the initial planning phase.
Direction & Filming Guidance
CloudVisual are happy to offer their services and guidance on best practices for filming. Aerial shots can be very difficult to direct, but our team can offer their expertise in aerial productions to help you compose and produce the best possible video or photo. In the event that CloudVisual are asked to film shots against their professional guidance, we cannot be held liable for these not suiting the production.
All quotations, costs and financial commitments given or made by CloudVisual are based on the assumption of the validity of the details and information provided being fully accurate and correct. CloudVisual maintains the right at any stage to renegotiate any contract, cost agreement or any other relevant commitment should any information provided by the Client fail to be fully valid accurate or correct.
All payment terms are set at 30 days from invoicing (unless agreed otherwise). Late payments will incur a charge of 10% of the total invoice, per calendar month. All prices are quoted on this website are excluding VAT
All travel to client sites will be chargable at 45p per mile from our office in Harpenden.