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Drone Film & Photography Ratecard

With years of experience and cutting edge equipment, our team is capable of delivering the highest quality footage in the most demanding environments. The quality and assurances which are demanded from a professional aerial filming company are reflected in our rates.

The full day rate for our services is £1100. Smaller projects fall into the half day rate £650. We also understand that each job is unique and can tailor a rate which suits long term or multi day drone operations and offer reduced rates for smaller projects, detailed below;

All rates are exclusive of VAT

Full Day


We work throughout the day to ensure your film and photography requirements are met. Typically this will be a multi-site drone project, exceeding the four hours of a half day rate.

  • What we offer
  • Cinema-grade drone filming up to 5.2K RAW
  • Batteries for all day drone flying
  • 21MP RAW Stills
  • Half Day


    Up to four hours on site, this is the typical rate that most projects will fall under. Thanks to our thorough planning and efficient workflow, we can complete a huge amount of work in a short space of time.

  • What we offer
  • Cinema-grade drone filming up to 5.2K RAW
  • Batteries for all day drone flying
  • 21MP RAW Stills
  • Estates, Property & Land

    From £350 Per Property

    We have extensive experience working on hundreds of properties and can efficiently photograph, film and edit your drone footage. Our structured pricing ratecard offers discounted rates for multiple properties on the same day.

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    Construction & Progress Monitoring

    From £350 Per Visit

    Tracking and reporting your construction or development project is simple and straightforward, thanks to our years of experience working with some of the most reputable construction firms in the UK. We can film, photograph and survey your development on a regular basis or at key milestones to provide you with crucial aerial data for you and your client.

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    From £1300 Per Day

    Our team is experienced with flying drones in over 40 countries and can work in the most remote and demanding locations.

  • European Projects
  • £1300 Per day
  • £150 Per travel/wet weather day
  • International Projects
  • £1500 Per day
  • £150 Per travel/wet weather day
  • Yachts and Ships

    From £3500

    Filming boats with drones is one of the most logistically challenging projects we undertake and therefore advise prospective clients to contact us to discuss their specific requirements.

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    Night Filming & Photography

    From £700

    CloudVisual is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones at night. Our expert knowledge and experience at low light filmmaking and long exposure photography ensures that we can deliver on the most challenging night shoots using our drones.

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    Virtual Tours and 360 Photospheres

    Take people on an interactive aerial tour of your venue using our drones. Our 360 aerial video and photo tours take your visitors on a never before seen aerial view which they can move and control.

    CloudVisual is a Google StreetView certified 360 photographer and we use our expertise to showcase your venue from the air.

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    Aerial Mapping

    From £300 Per Hectare

    We can accurately calculate the area to be mapped with a drone and give you a fixed price prior to mapping any area.

    All data processing fees are included as standard

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