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Drones for TV Production

Elevating Your Production

We've flown drones for all the big names in TV and have extensive on set experience. Working closely with producers, our aerial expertise can shape your production and bring a new dimension to the viewing perspective.
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TV and Broadcast Aerial Filming Within Your Reach

The use of drones in TV has steadily grown and now it's rare to see a production without some sort of drone shot to enhance the TV programme.

Our team of experienced filmmakers and cinematographers understand how to integrate aerial footage into your ground based production to maintain an immersive viewing experience. Our years of experience behind the lens means that we know a whole lot more than just how to fly a drone.


Rapidly deployable drones with up to 30 minutes of flight time can be used to capture current affairs, developing stories as well as traditional broadcast filming on set.

Even the smallest drone can film at Cinema 4K as standard and it is perfect for fast paced or shots close to congested areas.


Our drone fleet carries cameras capable of filming up to cinema 5.2K CinemaDNG RAW

  • Resolution & Frame Rates
  • 5.2K RAW - 25/30/50 FPS
  • 4K UHD - 25/30/50/60 FPS
  • 1080p 25/30/50/60/120 FPS
  • 35mm Equivalent Lenses:

  • 24mm - Great for wide landscape shots
  • 50mm - Piece to Camera Lens
  • 90mm - Perfect for Parallax shots and creating a sense of scale

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